Wendy’s Brings Back Spicy Nuggets Early

You asked. They answered! And they’re even bringing them back one whole week early!

Wendy’s announced today that the very popular Spicy Chicken Nuggets would be making a return to stores this week. This comes after an initial tweet by Chance the Rapper asking about bringing the menu item back. Wendy’s agreed to do it, once that tweet hit 2 million retweets. Within a day and a half, the Twitterverse responded. Now, Wendy’s is delivering on their promise.

Plus, they’re offering FREE nuggets to celebrate! Get a six-piece spicy nugget for free with any mobile order purchase. Find the coupon under “offers” in the app. They will also giving away 2 million orders of spicy nuggets through DoorDash. Use promo code SPICYNUGGS to get a free six-piece Spicy Nuggets with your Wendy’s order.


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