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BlairGarner_7x5BLAIR GARNER

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Our fearless commander, master of ceremonies, and overall circus ringleader — Blair Garner.  Most importantly, though, Blair’s the dad.  The cool, hip, wish-he-was-your-dad kind of dad.  Not only to his twins Braxton & Ava, but also to the whole show — mainly Chuck.  And he may have 30 years of radio experience under his belt, accolades to his name, and a spot in the National Radio Hall of Fame, but don’t let that fool you.  He rarely takes himself seriously.  Nor does anyone else, for that matter.  Now if we’re talking cars…that’s a different story.  He doesn’t joke about cars.  Since Blair was 12, growing up in Canyon, Texas, he’s bought and sold over 180 cars.  Needless to say, it’s his passion when he’s not waking you up every weekday.


KellyFord_7x5KELLY FORD

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Kelly is the self-appointed leader of the “Y’all Y’all Sisterhood.” She grew up in Kentucky and comes to America’s Morning Show via New York via Colorado where she did mornings and middays for over 20 years combined.  Along her country radio journey, she has won 3 CMA’s, an ACM, a Marconi and most recently a Gracie Award. Kelly is married and has 3 children and two adorable pooches, Bentley the Wonder Dog and his trusty sidekick Buttercup.


ChuckWicks_7x5CHUCK WICKS

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The little brother you never wanted.  That’s Chuck.  A former Dancing with the Starscontestant and “Stealing Cinderella” singer, Chuck is the eternal 12-year-old.  When he’s not taking a selfie (or Chuckie as we call it), you’ll find him tweeting about himself, looking in the mirror or loving on his Cavalier King Charles pups Cooper and Duke.  Growing up on a Delaware potato farm, he’s no stranger to hard work, he just doesn’t like it.




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Much more than a pretty face and a preacher’s kid, Robin Meade has been anchoring HLN’s Morning Express since 2001.  A staple in broadcast journalism for the past 20 years, she also moonlights as a country music singer/songwriter with two albums under her belt, authors a New York Times Bestseller, AND brings us news “in the fast lane” every half hour from the CNN Headquarters in Atlanta.  Thank goodness multi-tasking is her strong suit.




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Something just isn’t right with this guy.  Not only is he typically Off-Air, he typically is just…off.  Off key, off target, off pitch…off everything.  BUT he is always on-point when it comes to pop-culture.


Matt_300x214 SILENT MATT

You may never hear his voice, but Silent Matt actually has the loudest job of all.  You know that big board with all the buttons?  He somehow makes it work.  You like that background music?  That’s Matt.  Or what about your favorite song?  That’s Matt.  If you hate a song, be nice.  Matt’s only doing his job.


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