Dewayne Johnson Saves Kelly Clarkson’s First Show

Kevin Hart’s recent accident threw a kink in the recording of Kelly Clarkson’s new show.

On Sunday, news reported that Kevin Hart had been injured in a car accident in Malibu, severely injuring his back. While all signs pointed to a recovery, he wouldn’t be able to join Kelly for her very first The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Can you imagine her predicament?? It’s her very first show and her very first guest can’t make it??

Luckily, Kevin Hart has some friends in high places and one of those friends came through in a BIG way.

Watch Kelly’s very first show opener with her very first guest – Dewayne Johnson!!

He had just married his longtime love, Lauren Hashian, when he cut his Hawaiian honeymoon short to rescue Kelly.

Kelly clearly gets emotional while introducing him, then completely melts when she introduces him!!

She’s totally every girl! I would have done the same!

Just more proof that Dewayne Johnson is totally the man! (Check out his beautiful wedding photos here.)q


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