NASH NEXT 2019 Finalists

Come join us at Route 92 for NASH NEXT 2019. It will be a night of great fun and live music!

Everything gets started Friday September 6th at 7pm and you definitely don’t want to miss this!

Presented by Route 92 in Youngsville,  Ardco Equipment, Lafayette Music & Courtesy Ram Breaux Bridge, Courtesy Ram Breaux Bridge Got your Truck man”.


Beau Young

Emily Ortego

  • Emily Ortego – a 19 year old up and coming singer/songwriter looking to touch the hearts of the people around her with her powerful vocals and smooth guitar playing. This young woman from Opelousas, Louisiana has played guitar since she was 8 years young and has been singing for as long as she can remember. She grew up in the church – singing in the choir and altar serving – and is very passionate about her faith and God™s plan. Songwriting became her passion as the years passed, for she needed a way to express herself in a way she felt comfortable and heard. After graduating from Opelousas Catholic School in 2017, she began to take her music to the next level. Recently, she was awarded the Golden Ticket during Season Two of American Idol. The song that sent her to Hollywood was one she wrote with Kevin Montgomery and Barry Ancelot at the South Louisiana Songwriters Festival in Lafayette. It touches on her adoption and how she wants to find that missing harmony with her biological family.
    Emily is currently a junior at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette majoring in Music Business, hoping to have a place in the industry after she earns her degree

    Twitter: emortegomusic

Caleb Paul

April Provost

Abigail Sylvester

Justin Kelly

  • Entertainer Justin Kelly had always dreamed that one day he could use his talent to entertain the masses. The most important thing through the whole thing was not to forget the values that his mother instilled in him at an early age. The last few years have been rocky, to say the least. That has not stopped Justin, His dream has started to come true for him, beyond his expectations. Justin has come to terms with the successes and the failures. The only real way to deal with that is to avoid getting carried away and to recognize the obligation that he has to the people who helped put him at the point where he is today, his friends, his family and country music fans, coming from a small town in Southern Louisiana, he learned what was most important to him.
    Kelly starting a record company at the age of 18. After a spell in Nashville in 1996, Kelly left the bright lights and half-truths of Music City behind him to return home to Louisiana and make his own luck. The South Louisiana native made the trek to Nashville, TN But instead of finding fame and fortune, Kelly found heartache and disappointment. The old adage that says ‘if it seems too good to be true it probably is, ‘was dead on.”
    This devastating encounter did not do much to shine up the tarnished image the country capitol left in Kelly’s mind.
    Now, after a long stint away from music Industry, a lot of detours, heartbreak, and major setbacks with his own music career. September 2016 was a turning point. Justin merged all of his companies, Film, Publishing, Photography, and of course Music into one Parent company called Kelly Entertainment Group and Launched promotion and the Company in 2017. Heading into 2019 he went back to writing and being semi-back into the studio, cutting tracks on an untitled project due out in 2020. The new music venture will be a mix of old songs rearranged and new material.

    Facebook: Kellyentgroup 

    Instagram: Kellyentgroup 

Levi Coby


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