Corporate Contest Rules Archive


Pursuant to FCC Amends Section 73.1216 of the Commission’s Rules, the following information and rules links pertain to specific Cumulus corporate contesting run on this and other Cumulus stations.

Ultimate Labor Day Giveaway
Run Dates: 2018-08-20—2018-09-03
Official Rules

Win your way to see Brandon Lay play in Boston
Run Dates: 2018-08-06—2018-07-12
Official Rules

Hot Off the Grill
Run Dates: 2018-07-30—2018-08-19
Official Rules

Win a copy of D.L. Hughley’s new book
Run Dates: 2018-07-23—2018-08-19
Official Rules

Summer Collective
AKA: 4k A Day, Workday Payday, Thousand Dollar Payoff, Fast Money Keyword, Weekday Payday, Thousand Dollar Summer, Summer Fun Payoff
Run Dates: 2018-07-19—2018-08-31
Official Rules

Win a trip to Sturgis
Run Dates: 2018-07-05—2018-07-18
Official Rules

Go Boot Shopping and Get Back Stage with Tyler Rich at the Boots & Brews Country Music Festival
Run Dates: 2018-06-29—2018-07-05
Official Rules

NASH Next 2018
Run Dates: 2018-06-18—2018-10-11
Official Rules

Red, White, and WIN
Run Dates: 2018-06-18—2018-07-04
Official Rules

Win a Spot and Sail on Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Rager at Sea
Run Dates: 2018-06-18—2018-06-24
Official Rules

Top Pop Basement, Backyard, or BBQ Giveaway
Run Dates: 2018-06-04—2018-06-17
Official Rules

Win a trip to meet Godsmack in Vegas
Run Dates: 2018-05-14—2018-05-27
Official Rules

The Great Mother’s Day Giveaway
Run Dates: 2017-04-30—2018-05-13
Official Rules

Text to win a trip to the 2018 Billboard Music Awards
Run Dates: 2018-04-26—2018-05-10
Official Rules

Text to win a VIP Experience at the Shaky Knees Festival
Run Dates: 2018-04-19—2018-04-23
Official Rules

Win a trip to Live in the Vineyard Goes Country
Run Dates: 2018-04-20—2018-04-25
Official Rules

See A Perfect Circle in London
Run Dates: 2018-04-16—2018-04-29
Official Rules

See Elton John Perform Live in Las Vegas
Run Dates: 2018-04-06—2018-04-12
Official Rules

ACM Awards Flyaway
Run Dates: 2018-03-22—2018-04-05
Official Rules

Uncle Sam’s Sweepstakes
Run Dates: 2018-03-26—2018-04-17
Official Rules

Spring Collective Contests (4K a Day, Fast Money Keyword, Thousand Dollar Payoff, Weekday Payday, Workday Payday)
Run Dates: 2018-03-29—2018-05-23
Official Rules

Luck of the Irish
Run Dates: 2018-03-05—2018-03-17
Official Rules

Meet Brad Paisley at the 2018 Rodeo Houston
Run Dates: 2018-02-23—2018-03-01
Official Rules

See French Montana at Coachella
Run Dates: 2018-02-19—2018-04-02
Official Rules

Down Under with Morgan Evans
Run Dates: 2018-02-16—2018-16-22
Official Rules

Meet Jason Aldean at the 2018 Rodeo Houston
Run Dates: 2018-02-16—2018-16-22
Official Rules

GRAMMYs Trip Giveaway
Run Dates: 2018-01-04—2018-01-18
Official Rules

New Year, New You
Run Dates: 2017-12-25—2018-01-14
Official Rules

Runaway for the Holidays with Runaway June
Run Dates: 2017-12-15—2017-12-21
Official Rules

Spend New Years Eve in NYC at the Opry City Stage
Run Dates: 2017-12-13—2017-12-20
Official Rules

Christmas On Us
Run Dates: 2017-11-25—2017-12-25
Official Rules

Text to Win Date Night with Tim and Faith
Run Dates: 2017-11-17—2017-11-23
Official Rules

Black Friday Shop Don’t Stop
Run Dates: 2017-11-13—2017-11-24
Official Rules

Go On Tour with Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Run Dates: 2017-11-06—2017-11-19
Official Rules

2017 American Music Awards Flyaway
Run Dates: 2017-10-26—2017-11-09
Official Rules

Behind the Scenes at the ACMs with Chris Lane
Run Dates: 2017-10-20—2017-10-27
Official Rules

$1,000 Giveaway ($4k a Day Part II)
Run Dates: 2017-10-16—2017-09-09
Official Rules

Get Real with Russell Dickerson
Run Dates: 2017-10-13—2017-10-19
Official Rules

Win a SCAREcation
Run Dates: 2017-10-02—2017-10-31
Official Rules

Shake it with Shania
Run Dates: 2017-09-29—2017-10-05
Official Rules

Get Backstage with Garth Brooks
Run Dates: 2017-09-15—2017-09-21
Official Rules

$1,000 Giveaway ($4k a Day)
Run Dates: 2017-09-14—2017-10-11
Official Rules

Get Your Voodoo On At Voodoo Fest
Run Dates: 2017-09-04—2017-09-17
Official Rules

Show Us Your Colors Football Photo Contest
Run Dates: 2017-09-04—2017-09-24
Official Rules

Old Dominion VIP Fan Flyaway
Run Dates: 2017-08-23—2017-08-31
Official Rules

Pick Your Performance at Austin City Limits
Run Dates: 2017-08-21—2017-09-03
Official Rules

Ultimate Labor Day Party Giveaway
Run Dates: 2017-08-13—2017-09-04
Official Rules

Jet Set to Meet Brett Eldredge
Run Dates: 2017-08-04—2017-08-10
Official Rules

Hot Off the Grill Sweepstakes
Run Dates: 2017-07-31—2017-08-20
Official Rules for Hot Off the Grill Sweepsakes

Go Home with Halsey
Run Dates: 2017-07-07—2017-07-13
Official Rules for Go Home with Halsey

Harley Davison Full Throttle Sturgis Flyaway
Run Dates: 2017-06-26—2017-07-23
Official Rules for Sturgis Flyaway

Brad Paisley Flyaway
Run Dates: 2017-06-23—2017-07-29
Official Rules for Brad Paisley Flyaway

Red, White & WIN Giveaway
Run Dates: 2017-06-19—2017-07-04
Official Rules for Red, White and WIN Giveaway 2017

Live Like Cheap Trick at Red Rocks
Run Dates: 2017-06-16-2017-06-29
Official Rules for Cheap Trick Flyaway


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